Pulsing Light Object In Cycles - Animation and Rigging

Written by Marechal Laurent - 17 march 2019

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Site d'origine : https://blenderartists.org/t/pulsing-light-object-in-cycles/560832

Locate or create an Emission material.
Rewind to frame #1.
Right-Click on the field labeled Strength, in the emission material, and insert a keyframe.
Bring up a Graph Editor window and locate the Strength channel.
With the Strength channel active move your mouse into the time area of the Graph Editor and press the N-KEY.
This brings up a side panel, scroll to the bottom and click Add Modifier and choose Noise from the list.

Now the Strength of the emission from the material will modulate based upon the value generated by the f-curve Noise modifier. This will simulate a randomly flickering light. Change the modifier values to alter the generated f-cuve interactively. Play with the other modifier types such as Cycles (not the render engine) to generate a steady blinking pattern.

NOTE: F-Curve modifiers can only be added to channels that exist in the Graph Editor. That is why you have to insert at least on keyframe…to generate the channel.

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